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How to Win at Casino Blackjack – Tips and Game Rules Variations

Although blackjack is a classic casino game, you will find out that there are a lot of attempts to improve it. From simple variations of the rules to different games with different names, you will find over 100 versions of blackjack offered by online casinos around the world. In this post we will present the most common variations of casino blackjack rules so that you know what you are dealing with every time you sit down at a virtual table.

Online Casino Blackjack Rules Variations

First of all, you should know that rules variations of the card game affect the house edge – keep this thing in mind when choosing the best version of blackjack for playing for real money. So, check out the most common game rules variants below.

  1. The number of decks used in the game – the more decks, the worse since your winning odds are reduced.
  2. Rule of what the dealer will do in case of Soft 17. Choose a casino blackjack with rules that require the dealer to stand on Soft 17.
  3. Is Double Down after Splitting allowed? You can increase your advantage by 0.1% if yes.
  4. Ability to do Double Down any hands. Some casinos allow to Double Down only, for example, on total of 10 or 11. Having the ability to Double Down any hands, you get a significant increase in your advantage – up to 0.2%.
  5. Blackjack payouts. Although – according to the rules of the classic game – you get a 3: 2 payout, some casinos seek to increase their advantage by making inconceivable changes to the rules. For example, you may encounter casino blackjack variations that pay 6: 5 – avoid playing such games.

From Chinese blackjack to Double Exposure and Match Play 21, you will encounter various casino games blackjack rules that differ from the classic ones. Read reviews of available gaming options to make the best choice.

Useful Tips on How to Win at Casino Blackjack

Although we deal with a game of chance, a simple and calm mechanical calculation will allow you to be more winning player. By learning to overcome the obstacles that come across your path and use your head instead of your heart, you will achieve serious success at blackjack. Also, some tips that we wrote below will help you:

  • Take a responsible approach to choosing a table. Make sure the rules of the game meet your expectations and help maximize your winning odds.
  • Learn the basic strategy that assumes that you will make the best decisions in every game situation.
  • Learn a card counting technique that does not require you to be a math guru to use it. Having mastered this technique, you can turn the advantage in your favor.
  • Pay attention to your mental state – sit at the table only when you are mentally prepared.
  • Do not get distracted and do not drink alcohol even (especially) when it comes to playing online casino blackjack right at your place.

Also, keep in mind that you will win for pleasure and money, and not just for money. And finally, learn to leave the winner.

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