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Blackjack Strategy: Become the Winner of Blackjack Game

Blackjack strategy: be the best player at the blackjack table

There are two different types of players in blackjack. The first type includes the players, who simply would love to enjoy the process of the game, to be glad, when the luck is on their side, and not to get upset, when it is not. They play for fun and simplicity.

The second type is ready to try harder, they like to have their influence on the result of the game and make everything possible to win. This type of players understands that the game itself differs from other casino games, because it has a certain probability of different combinations of cards that can be calculated and learned. So they get familiar with those probabilities and use particular strategies aiming at winning.

The objective of the game is transparent – you need to get the combination as close to 21 as possible without overcoming it. The game starts after betting and dealing first cards, and now it’s up to you to choose what type you are and what blackjack strategy you are going to use.

What strategies can be applied to the game

Depending on how proficient you feel yourself and how complex you are eager to play, there are three useful guidelines for your gameplay attitude:

  1. blackjack basic strategy that can be very useful for everyone, especially for newbies;
  2. the variant of card counting that will suit mostly trained and experienced players (and you can also become one);
  3. general extra advice to increase your chances.

If you are a beginner, start with the first one and then gain your experience.

Blackjack strategy for newbies

If you are just starting your blackjack trip, the basic strategy is truly your savior. It provides you with the complete table of moves in case of one or another count of card hands on the table. This chart already exists, so you only need to find it in the Internet and open in front of you.

The strategy does not guarantee your win, but it can minimize your losses and keep you in the game longer.

Blackjack perfect strategy for pros

The strategy of card counting, also known as the Hi-Lo method, is the complex way of winning for those, who already mastered the basic one. It is hard, because it involves mind calculations and a lot of practice.

The strategy bases on the following steps:

  • mark each card with its value in your mind;
  • practice keeping a running count as fast and clear as possible;
  • practice to do the true count, which is the count per each deck received by dividing the running count on the number of decks;
  • make all your bets according to the true count: the bets are increased with increasing count and vice versa.

This strategy if perfected works flawlessly, if the decks in the online game are not shuffled after each hand.

Extra advice to enhance your blackjack strategy

Some things that you can do to play better:

  • study blackjack terms by heart not to hesitate in the game;
  • play at the casino with fewer decks used, soft 17, more possibilities to double down, etc.;
  • choose the highest RTP;
  • do not make the insurance bet;
  • firstly play at the free blackjack table to practice and improve your blackjack strategy.

This game is truly the one, where you can turn the luck on your side. So practice and win!

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